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Charlie Kohlhase Quintet
Research and Development 
(AC-3800, released 1991)

1991 debut album reveals alto/baritone saxophonist Kohlhase as an excellent, thoughtful composer with a command of many jazz styles. From poignant ballads to rollicking calypso and rambunctuous improvisations, the pianoless quintet is full of surprises and fine, interactive playing.

"Four Stars" 

-Down Beat

"Covers a wide array of style in fine fashion...combining mainsteam and avant-garde in an accessible package." 

-Bob McCullough, Boston Globe

Personnel: Charlie Kohlhase, as, bar.s; Curtis Hasselbring, tb; Matt Langley, ts; John Turner, bs; Matt Wilson, dms.

Tracks: 1.Life As We Knew It; 2.Where Is China?; 3.Off Minor; 4.Dyani; 5.Den of Inquietude; 6.You Go To My Head; 7.Confusion Dogs Or How I Got Hooked On Ohio; 8.The New Llama Walk; 9.Bug Woman/Monster Island Beach Party.

Good Deeds (AC-3801, released 1994)

This 1993 recording documents the "best working jazz band in Boston" (Boston Phoenix), and shows the leader's A&R skills in selecting Monk's "Crepescule with Nellie," the Billie Holliday-associated "The End of a Love Affair," and "To Her Ladyship," which is on a Coltrane recording as "Untitled Original." Waldron Ricks, the last trumpeter in the Jazz Messengers, guests. Originals include Art Blakey elegy "Buhaina Checked Out," and "La Vie En 'Roz,'" dedicated to his teacher Roswell Rudd.

"Charlie Kohlhase is years ahead of most of the so-called Young Lions and is extending rather than just reviving the tradition." 

-Scott Yanow, L.A. Jazz Scene

"They don't play anything safe and their music is better for it." 

-John Basile, Neon Navigator

Personnel: Charlie Kohlhase, as, bar.s; Matt Langley, ts, ss; Curtis Hasselbring, tb; John Turner, bs; Matt Wilson, dms; Waldron Ricks, tp (3,8).

Tracks: 1.Buhaina Checked Out; 2.To Her Ladyship; 3.No Dog, No Bike; 4.Cryogenesis; 5.CKQ Stomp; 6.The End of a Love Affair; 7.Crepescule With Nellie; 8.Floating; 9.La Vie en "Roz"; 10.Pollo con Rollo.

Dart Night  (AC-3802, released 1995)

"Dart Night" commemorates the night CKQ showed up to its regular gig at the Willow Jazz Club, outside of Boston, only to discover that they had been replaced by a dart league! With characteristic wit, Kohlhase throws his own dart back by naming a tune, and now an album, after this untimely demise. Fortunately for us, the CKQ has been finding plenty of other venues, and their new recording, made fresh off a US tour, is evidence that Kohlhase's writing and the band's concept continue to grow. It's their first recording with trumpeter John Carlson, who joined the band right after "Good Deeds," and has played with Kohlhase in the Either/Orchestra since 1987.

Personnel: Charlie Kohlhase, as, bar.s; Matt Langley, ts, ss; John Carlson, tr, fl; John Turner, bs; Matt Wilson, dms; Paul Lichter, recitation on 6.

Tracks: 1.But I Can't; 2.Dart Night at the Willow; 3.Bossa Macabre; 4.Hard to Forget; 5.If I Could; 6.Deep Purple; 7.Egyptian Processional; 8.Wraiths; 9.Knee Bop; 10.It Don't Mean a Thing; 11.I Surely Would; 12.The Brink.